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The casket arrived at the funeral home at the exact time you had told us it would. Thanks for getting it to us. We compared it to the funeral homes price for the same casket and we figure that you saved us about $1200! J.M.
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Funeral Caskets are the most expensive part of a funeral service. Often times, purchasing a casket can cost on average around $3,000. Funeral home mark-ups on caskets can often times be excessive. It is for this reason that the Federal Trade Commission instituted a Federal Law call the "Funeral Rule" in 1984. This law allowed consumers to purchase a casket, vault, flowers or any other merchandise from any source they would like to purchase from and that their funeral home would have to use these outside products without charging any handling fees, additional costs, as wells as were unable to refuse these goods from delivery and being used. Other attributes of the "Funeral Rule" other than the options to purchase a casket on your own, were to break down the exact funeral expenses in any easy to understand and compare layout that a funeral home is required to provide when a family initially arrives at a funeral home called the "General Price List."

Please view the complete "Funeral Rule" and breakdown of requirements on caskets, vaults, and other requirements in the rule here: http://business.ftc.gov/documents/bus05-complying-funeral-rule

When planning a funeral a family has many choices of caskets and options. Some of the most common types of casket choices are metal caskets, cremation coffins, coffins for sale, pine caskets, stainless steel caskets, batesville funeral home caskets, bronze caskets, the cost of a funeral, brand wholesalers, copper caskets, batesville casket company inc caskets, caskets direct, casket costs, caskets on line, funeral coffins, and funeral prices. Please read the following helpful information on ordering a casket online:

Online Casket Buying Guidelines

1. Ensure you are buying a BRAND NAME casket- not all caskets are created equal

Buying funeral caskets online is a new and wonderful option for those seeking caskets at discounted prices. However, not all caskets are made equal. Some caskets are made by name brand casket manufacturers, while other caskets are manufactured outside the United States. Often these caskets are made by casket factories in India and China. While caskets manufactured outside the country look like exact replicas of caskets manufactured in the United States, they are not. Casket companies in China and India are not subject to having the quality of the caskets they produce inspected. The caskets are therefore cheaply made from low quality casket making processes and low quality casket materials. Rusting of caskets, discoloration of caskets, and warped caskets are a few common issues with these caskets. CasketSite.com sells ONLY name brand caskets, manufactured by casket companies that have produced caskets for over 100 years.

2. You are allowed to purchase caskets from any online casket vendor or casket store of your choosing, and your funeral home must accept it- this is a FEDERAL LAW

The casket "Funeral Rule" law, passed in 1984, makes it illegal for any funeral home to not accept a casket purchased from a third party casket store, such as an online casket store. Furthermore, the funeral home is not allowed to charge any additional costs or handling fees for bringing a casket in on your own or purchasing from whatever casket supplier you choose. Please see the following link concerning the "Funeral Rule."

3. When choosing a casket it is important to have feedback from any family members that are involved in planning the funeral.

A casket is a very personal choice and it is often recommended to receive feedback regarding the casket from other family members when deciding on a casket. Caskets come in many types, colors, and styles. It is important to find a casket that you and other family members think will be ideal and suitable for the funeral service.

4. Plan Ahead for a Casket….

Often times important decisions are hard to make when one is grieving. This is why we recommend planning a funeral and casket before it is needed. By preplanning the funeral service and casket, one is able to feel comforted in knowing that they are prepared in the case of needing to make funeral arrangements for a loved one.

5. Lastly, be sure to adequately be prepared for cemetery funeral expenses.

These expenses usually consist of the cost for a burial plot, the opening and closing of the grave, a vault, and grave marker. At Casket Site.com we provide wholesale vaults and grave markers to help lower the costs associated at the cemetery. Please click the following link to see our vaults. For information on ordering a Grave Marker please call us at 1-888-222-5955.

Our casket directory is only from name brand casket companies and we deliver caskets frequently to each major US city and rural locations including San Francisco Caskets as well as our casket directory of locations. Casket Companies recognized by funeral homes nationwide. We strive to be the lowest cost provider of such caskets with free nationwide delivery offered direct to the public at Wholesale Prices and thereby provide a Lowest Price Guarantee.

Our online gallery allows you to browse and make your selection from a large variety of caskets within the privacy of your home. We offer a variety of Funeral Caskets; Cremation Caskets, 20 Gauge Caskets, 18 Gauge Caskets, 16 Gauge Caskets, Solid Bronze Caskets, Solid Copper Caskets, Stainless Steel Caskets, Solid Cherry Caskets, Solid Hardwood Caskets, Solid Mahogany Caskets, Solid Maple Caskets, Oversize Caskets, Solid Oak Caskets, Solid Pecan Caskets, Solid Pine Caskets, Solid Walnut Caskets, and Vaults.

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