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The casket arrived at the funeral home at the exact time you had told us it would. Thanks for getting it to us. We compared it to the funeral homes price for the same casket and we figure that you saved us about $1200! J.M.
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All caskets shown are from Name Brand Casket Companies recognized by funeral homes nationwide. We strive to be the lowest cost provider of such caskets offered direct to the public at Wholesale Discounted Prices and thereby provide a Lowest Price Guarantee.

Our online gallery allows you to browse and make your selection from a large variety of caskets within the privacy of your home. We offer a variety of Coffins; Funeral Caskets; Caskets Online; Caskets For Sale; Batesville Caskets For Sale; Cremation Caskets, 20 Gauge Caskets, 18 Gauge Caskets, 16 Gauge Caskets, Solid Bronze Caskets, Solid Copper Caskets, Stainless Steel Caskets, Solid Cherry Caskets, Solid Hardwood Caskets, Solid Mahogany Caskets, Solid Maple Caskets, Oversize Caskets, Solid Oak Caskets, Solid Pecan Caskets, Solid Pine Caskets, Solid Walnut Caskets, and Vaults. Our Casket Locations include New York Caskets and caskets nationwide, please view our Caskets for casket varieties. The Casket prices shown are often times several thousands dollars below the prices offered at your local funeral home for the identical caskets from the same name brand casket manufacturer and can be an excellent way to save money on the cost of your overall funeral expense (see the Federal Trade Commision's "Funeral Rule" regarding casket and funeral planning and savings). Caskets (pronounced cascets) is the updated name for coffins. Funeral caskets or coffins provide a lasting resting place and memorial. Purchase a top quality US made casket for sale at affordable disounted prices!

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Free Next Day Delivery Nationwide Available*

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