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I am not on facebook, but i must say the casket looked better in person. Such an elegant casket and the delivery and follow-up phone call gave me the security all was going well. Again, a job well done and I surely will recommend your company to friends. Clara Rivera-Keita 212-281-8851. 07/12 (New York, NY)

My family was very satisfied with your willingness to answer questions, efficient service, and the quality of the casket. It surpassed our expectations. Wilda Dick 480-580-8325. 03/12 (Carroll, IA)

Thank you for sending this follow up as I have been meaning to comment some time ago. I can't Thank you enough for helping my family and I get through a very difficult time. The kindness, understanding and assistance you gave us was greatly appreciated. The casket was absolutely beautiful. I know we would have spent thousands more had we purchased it from the funeral home. I was so thankful that you mentioned the vault because I would have forgotten to order it from you and would have been forced to purchase it from the funeral home. The funeral home said that other folks had purchased their own caskets before but they were quick to advise that we "Were the first" to get the vault somewhere else.. They were also very quick to tell us that it was our responsibility to make sure that everything was coordinated at the cemetery site and they would have nothing to do with anything that happened. I must admit that I was a little nervous, but everything went very smoothly, you took care of everything and I had absolutely nothing to do and no worries with anything at the grave site. I think the funeral home was not happy with us, we cut into their profits but I could not have been more pleased with how everything turned out. The fact that your caskets are made in the USA was a big plus for us. We had been told horror stories of the Made in China caskets where bodies fell out during transport from funeral home, to church, to grave site because the handles fell off. The casket was absolutely beautiful and I know my Mom would have been very pleased. Thank you again for a truly positive experience.. I will recommend you to everyone I know. Sincerely, Barbara Queller 941-809-7332 02/12 (Pearl River, NY)

Thank you for helping myself and my family thru this difficult time. I was able to print out the different models available to help my mother choose the best choice that fit our needs perfectly. It was all class and that was what we were aiming for. My Grandmother missed her 100th bday celebration by just 9 days so we wanted to have a very nice service for her. This was certainly the beginning of it and we could not be happier with ALL of our choices. Thank you again for making it as simple as possible for us. Renee Kremesec & Family 916-337-3182 06/12 (Redwood City, CA)

Thank you for your assistance in our hour of need. Everything was fine. Besides an excellent price, your delivery was prompt and professional and the quality of the casket was high. We will remember you and recommend you to others. Kind regards, Jay Cincotta 03/12 (Odenton, MD)

All was as promised, the casket was fine and just as we ordered. Delivery was on time and we were able to pick up the coffin for transport to our final destination some miles away. Thanks for the good service. Best regards, Alan Price 706-782-6360 06/12 (Decatur, GA)

Thanks for contacting me. Everything went well, selection was wonderful, cost - excellent, shipping & handling - excellent, customer svc - excellent, product -excellent (very attractive). 617-361-1782. 01/12 (Newark, NJ) Lorenz

The casket and vault I ordered for my mother's funeral were beautifully crafted and delivered in a very timely manner. My sisters and I knew my mother would have been very pleased with our choices. Everyone I spoke with was knowledgeable. Not only did you know the answers to my questions, but didn't treat me as if I was the millionth customer to ask them. You were kind and sensitive to the shock of our loss, and my sisters and I appreciated both the professionalism and calm. Again, thank you for being there when we needed you. Best regards, Martha Reyburn President, Reyburn Piano Service, Inc. 1.888.SOFT.440 Fax # 1.616.696.8121 11/07 (Oak Lawn, IL)

In the business of this time, I have not forgotten you and your company. You were very helpful and prompt. Though it was the thanksgiving week, you were able to get what we needed to the funeral home in 7 hours. It was a great relief to have this taken care of so quickly. The casket was beautiful and was just what we needed. Thank you and do pass this to your superiors, I would tell them the same thing. Thanks again. Scott Conner 11/07 (Hamlet, NC)

We were very pleased with the casket we ordered for my mother. It was more beautiful than the picture even portrayed. We were thrilled to get such a top quality casket at such a lowered price. It was nicer than anything offered through the funeral home and at nearly half price. Thank you for your help. You were very accessible to us and we were pleased that it was delivered when promised. We will definitely recommend your company to others. 11/07 (Ontario, CA)

I am very satisfied with your service and with the casket that we purchased from your site. The casket actually arrived a couple of hours ahead of schedule at the funeral home in North Carolina. Thanks for your help during this difficult time. I would not hesitate to recommend your website to others. Ted Boyer 972. 633.1080 (office) 214. 728.0655 (cell) 972. 881.8592 (fax) tedboyer@hotmail.com 11/07 (Roxboro, NC)

Thank you for the quick and convenient service in the ordering and delivery of the casket. It was delivered next day, for the funeral the following day. The coffin itself was in good condition and there were comments that it looked really nice. 11/07 (Seattle, WA)

Things worked out fine with the casket. Thank you for such prompt service. Michael Blackwood 11/07 (Long Beach, CA)

Hello, I would like to say thank you for everything. The casket and vault was very nice and the customer service I received was very helpful and respectful. I have also recommended your company to other people. Thank you, Stacey 11/07 (Kansas City, MO)

What can I say ,except it was worth the time, quality, and beauty of the purchase. Frances on he half of the Henderson's 10/07 (Kansas City, MO)

Thank you, I am quite content, both with the casket as well as the service. Peter Kobidze 10/07 (Forest Hills, NY)

Thank you so much for your help during our time of mourning. We were very pleased with the speedy delivery and the presentation of the casket. We are happy customers. Thanks so much again. 10/07 (Brooklyn, NY)

Todd You were very helpful during a very difficult time Yours Truly Larry 10/07 (Williston Park, NY)

Everything worked with great efficiency. Thank you for your assistance with this process. Susan Linn 10/07 (La Crescenta, CA)

Todd, Sorry for the delay. The casket was outstanding and the service as well. I will highly recommend your company to others. Sincerely, Bryan Foreman/ The Lally family 9/07 (Seattle, WA)

I was very pleased with the casket & prompt service, and received compliments from family members. I spread the word to save money by ordering from you rather than the funeral director. Thank you, Bonnie 9/07 (St Paul, MN)

My family and I would like to extend our thanks to you for the professional and courteous service you extended to us during a very difficult time. You provided us with the information we needed, a quality product, and a timely delivery-all of which allowed us to focus on the more important issues surrounding the death of our father. Sincerely, LeAnn Speakman and Family 9/07 (Mesa, AZ)

Everything was beautiful. The casket and vault arrived a day earlier than expected, that relieved any nervous anxieties. I also saved at least one third of the cost by not going with the small town, locked in company. Thank you so much. Anthony Sealy 9/07 (Sealy, TX)

I was dreading selecting a casket for my dear husband, whose death was imminent, but I went online and discovered your site. What beautiful caskets you have, not to mention the fine testimonials attributed to your company. Both were sellers for me, as well as getting to select a casket in the privacy of my home. My husband passed away on September 17th with the funeral on the 20th. I ordered the casket early morning on the 18th and, as promised, it was delivered early on the 19th to the funeral home in Florence, SC. It was truly even more beautiful in person. I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful product and service at such an emotional, heart wrenching time. Most sincerely and gratefully, Peggy Sherrill Southport, NC 9/07 (Florence, SC)

The casket worked out great....and most importantly, you got it here on time! The rose headliner and corners were perfect.....my mother loved roses! Thanks again for expediting a beautiful product....my mom`s smiling up there! Mike Pownall 9/07 (Santa Barbara, CA)

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt and courteous attention to our recent needs. The casket was delivered the next day as promised and the final cost was $600 less than the local funeral home for the exact same product. Thanks for your help. I would definitely recommend your services to friends, etc. Richard Danser Leesburg, Florida 9/07 (Fairmont, WV)

Your company did a great job in handling my order it came promptly as promised and I greatly appreciate the fine job you did. You saved my family a considerable amount of money and were able to bury my mother the way she wished again Thank You so much. Alicia Bryant 9/07 (Kansas City, MO)

When our mother recently passed, while planning her funeral we learned of the high expenses of a burial, even though she already owned a cemetery plot. On top of casket and grave opening costs, we never knew a vault was also required. The price our funeral home quoted was almost the same as her casket, and being on a tight budget I did some research online and found your site. I'm not a expert on vaults, but the vault your site offered was, according to our funeral director, a much better value than his lowest priced vault, at a lower price than he could even get it. (He was not happy to hear the general pubic could purchase it for less than his cost.) He said there might be hidden charges or other risks making a purchase like this online, so we called and inquired and you answered our concerns and were able to deliver it when we needed it. The vault looked beautiful with a painted gold finish and a lovely rose design on the cover. Had I been able to actually see your caskets beforehand I might have also purchased that through you as your prices for caskets were also lower than theirs and possibly better quality. If I'm ever planning another funeral I'd be happy to buy from you again in the future or recommend your site to others. Sincerely, Marsha Silvestri 9/07 (Union, NJ)

Hi Todd, Thank you so much for your assistance during a sad, but joyful occasion in God's mercy and comfort! The casket was exactly what we wanted and more than expected. What really completed the transaction was how everything began with your kindness and expertise and ended with the delivery of the purchased casket. The van driver thoroughly communicated with us and arrived on time. We were expecting some sort of small trucker trailer type truck to deliver mother's casket. The delivery person arrived at the funeral home in a very nice cargo type van (no one would ever guess what was being transported inside) and he was dressed in a black, conservative suit. He was very kind and professional, as well. This certainly completed the moment with much dignity. This is how we wanted it to be. Todd, only one thing, we forgot to purchase the vault from you as well. My focus was only on the casket at that moment. I did not know you had vaults. You saved us a significant amount of money! Thank you...again, Jerelyn and family 8/07 (Winston Salem, NC)

All went well with the casket...it arrived, not from Lansdale, but from North Jersey. The funeral home was very picky and insisted that I inspect the casket as they would not guarantee it because they had not sold it to me. It was in perfect condition. My mother's best friend commented on how beautiful it was. When I told her I got it online she "rolled" her eyes. If I were going to be buried instead of scattered to the wind I would recommend your service to my family. And I will to anyone who asks. Ruth E. Aschmann 8/07 (Richboro, PA)

Good morning. The casket was absolutely beautiful and my family was very pleased. Thank you. Carmen Cisneros 8/07 (Denver, CO)

The experience worked out well. The casket was exactly what we wanted and I appreciate your efficiency during our time of grief. Chanta Jackson 8/07 (Neptune, NJ)

Your service was great -- compassionate and friendly. And your advice was direct and helpful. Thanks for your comforting support during a sad and stressful time. Hollis 8/07 (Rockville Centre, NY)

We were satisfied with the quality of the casket. It was very nice looking. Ms. Foster 8/07 (Brooklyn, NY)

Casket was very nice and we enjoyed it when we saw it. We thought that it was beautiful, everything worked out just fine. 8/07 (Forest Park, IL)

The dealings with your site were great. The casket arrived on schedule and it was beautiful. Thank you, The Robinson/McLeod Family 8/07 (Seattle, WA)

Truly grateful to you for providing customer service and delivering the casket in a prompt manner. Oliver Winkfield 8/07 (Rockford, IL)

Excellent service, beautiful casket, good price. Thanks, Jerry Verpent 8/07 (Secaucus, NJ)

Thanks for the great service. Everything went smoothly with no problems. You guys made a difficult time that much easier. Paul Masch 8/07 (Front Royal, VA)

We were extremely pleased with the casket we purchased for my mother's service. It was beautiful and your pricing made it affordable to us. Delivery was on time with no problems. We are very satisfied. Joyce Boyd 8/07 (Eastland, TX)

I have no complaints of either the service nor the product. I would highly recommend your company and services to others. In such a time of need, it was nice to know that I could call at any time to check the status of the order. I was nervous making this purchase but shouldn't have been. We ordered the same product we saw in the funeral home for nearly $1800 more. Great savings, great service, great product. Kim 7/07 (Arlington Heights, IL)

I was pleased with the site, the selection, prices and delivery. I found no problems in making the purchase through a web site. Certainly, I would select your company again if the need arose. Best regards, Dennis Beverley

We were very satisfied with our purchase! We were able to receive it in a timely fashion, it looked just as we were hoping it would. I have recommended your site to a few friends now and hope that they will be just as pleased as we were. It was very nice during such a difficult time to have one less thing to worry about. Thank you for all of your help and for being so very professional! Linda Cordon, Ellen Dillender, and Family 7/07 (Salem, OR)

I want to thank you for your kindness & consideration during a most difficult time. The casket I chose was perfect & I especially liked the memory drawer. So many people commented on how impressed they were with the concept of the special space to place mementos & other specials remembrances. The casket was delivered in a timely fashion with no problems. I have told several people about your service & how I felt that it helped me cope with the decision making process in the selection of the casket. I could take my time online & see what was available instead of being put in a room with a limited selection and have to make a decision right away. Elaine Shipko 7/07 (Runnemede, NJ)

You made good on your promise to get the casket to the funeral parlor on time. The casket was what it appeared to be in the web site photo. As a recap, with your service, product, price and follow through I would highly recommend you and your company. Thank You. Don Platz 7/07 (Pleasantville, NY)

The casket arrived on schedule and in great condition. The whole family was very please and impressed with your service and the quality of the casket. Thank you very much!! Angela Lawson 7/07 (Hartford, CT)

Thank you for your patience and help during the loss of my grandmother. We were very satisfied with casket. April Hudlay 7/07 (Asbury Park, NJ)

Thanks for everything Steve Luna 7/07 (Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA)

Our family would like to express how absolutely impressed we were with the quality of the casket we purchased for my grandmother. It was flawless in it's presentation, and the shipping was incredibly fast! This is a subject I hope wouldn't have to be discussed often, but I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone finding themselves in the position of having to select a casket for a loved one. While so many businesses were interested only in how much money they could make at a time when my family was in an extremely emotion state, you provided us with a truly meaningful product that was financially affordable. Your assistance and your time is so very much appreciated. Sincerely, The family of Mary L. Ball 6/07 (Greensboro, NC)

Thank you so much for your help in my family's time of sorrow. You worked with us to make sure the casket was at the funeral home and we were very pleased with the result. The casket was much more beautiful than the picture online. It was perfect for my father....his favorite color was blue. Thank you. Bernedette S. Jackson and Family 6/07 (Washington, DC)

First of all I would like to thank you for all you did to make this purchase painless, it was REAL EASY. When my fathers casket arrived at the funeral home the director made a statement, the people who I bought this from was and I quote (Are A Class Act) the casket arrived by itself in an unmarked van I guess you can say went the extra mile, it was blanket wrapped and arrived in perfect condition no scratches, dents, etc it was not an expensive casket and I can only imagine that if the shipping company that was used is that considerate. Then the expensive ones are handled with much care as well, believe me I totally thought that it would arrive on a large shipping truck, the funeral director told me that this was only the second one that was purchased outside his business. He stated that first one arrived in a dirty U-Haul Trailer and the family was very unpleased with the company that they chose. Again I would recommend your company to any family in need. I would use you again if needed. "Truly A Class Act" Thank You Again!!!!! Sammy Eagan 5/07 (Oroville, CA)

Very easy. The correct casket arrived on time. Wendy Slocombe 5/07 (Red Bank, NJ)

Everything was perfect. Delivery was on time. 100% satisfied. Thanks, Teri 5/07 (Manassas, VA)

Everything was fine. Judith Nelson 5/07 (New York, NY)

Nice job. Service was friendly, efficient, and the casket was much cheaper than at the funeral home. I'll definitely use your service again in the future if the need arises. Paul Harris 5/07 (Arlington, TX)

Everything was great. The casket looked great. Appreciated the timely delivery. Thanks again. Anna Marie 5/07 (Salina, KS)

The Hagan family was very pleased with your services. Our initial attempt to have the casket delivered and be waiting at the funeral home was rebuffed by the funeral home - through no fault of yours. The casket was as pictured and in perfect condition. Several people commented on the beauty, plus we knew that we also got a great price on it too. Thanks once more, Leo 5/07 (Harrison Township, MI)

The casket was beautiful and everything we expected. Worth every penny. Thanks! EJP 5/07 (Silver Spring, MD)

Hello Todd, First and foremost, your courteous manner in which you assisted me was outstanding. I was more than pleased with your service -- arrival times were as promised. The style and color of the the casket was such a positive conversation piece from both family and friends. Also, I was very pleased with the vault. Should I encounter the same need in the future, I will certainly use your service again. Additionally, I will recommend you to others. Thanks. Sadie McDonald Peoples 4/07 (Durham, NC)

My family was totally satisfied with the service and the casket that your company provided. I felt very good that my Mother's last wishes were carried out and the service was just as she wanted it.... without feeling bullied and pressured by a funeral director pushing us towards more-expensive options. (By the way- our funeral director was great and had no problem with us having our casket delivered to him.) The casket was lovely, and priced 1500.00 less than the exact same casket as offered by the first funeral director that we spoke to. Being overcharged is NOT something that people need to worry about in such trying times. Thank you for everything. God Bless! K. Tammen 4/07 (Troy, IL)

Hello Todd, I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond regarding the unbelievable turn-around time on the casket I ordered for my Mother-in-law's funeral. It is tragic that we have become a "predatory" culture that will stop at nothing to "gouge" a profit (Including a grieving husband whom has just lost his wife). The savings I was able to present my father-in-law over the local funeral home's price was in excess of $3000.00 for a comparable casket. I have made it a point to share this experience with almost everyone I come in contact with. Godspeed! Tony & Robin Gilliland 4/07 (Hobart, IN)

The casket was delivered timely and was the exact one I ordered. Thank-you and I hope others can save $$$ by ordering on-line. I will certainly recommend your company. Sincerely, Linda Bittner 4/07 (Stratford, CT)

I'm very satisfied with the service. Everybody remarked that the casket was very nice. From what I could find out, it seems I save approx. $2,000 by purchasing it separately. C. Robert Weibley 4/07 (Whittier, CA)

I have to tell you how happy I was with my purchases of both the casket and the vault for my dad. To start with, I called to ask about the casket at 2 a.m. when most people are in sleep and relax mode. My cell phone kept cutting out and I had a million questions. I repeatedly had to recall the man and finally got my sons phone to finish the call. The politeness and the knowledge that was given to me was outstanding, I would have expected annoyance due to the situation. I later decided to buy the vault, and what I got was far superior then the picture portrayed. I had looked at the local mortuary, and with what I got from you was at least 4 steps up from what they showed me. All the way down to the top of the vault having my dads name on it, something I didn't expect but meant a lot to see it there. Your people were very understanding also in explaining to me what may happen. The funeral home gave me a rough time by telling me that no one ever orders online for a casket, that it is all done there. The funeral home even made me come to accept the casket to the place. I will say that it arrived in perfect condition, not a blemish, or even fingerprint. The next thing that happened was the man who digs the hole told me that I better have someone to place the vault and casket in, since he doesn't do that. He said that it was territorial and that I may have to incur another bill. Not the case though, everything was done without an incident. Would I ever go online again to make such a purchase? Definitely. I would never hesitate to tell others also to do this. It wasn't even the amount of money that I saved (which was substantial, over one thousand dollars), it was the compassion and the dignity that I was given during the purchase and the respect that was shown for my dad. If anyone needs to ask about my experience, I would be happy to tell them how pleased I was. Sincerely, Karen Peirce 4/07 (Enfield, CT)

Todd, We couldn't have been more pleased with the service we received when purchasing my mother's casket. Your follow-up skills are unequaled and definitely need to be commended. You certainly made the experience as good as it could be. While we don't look forward to speaking to you any time soon (no offense), we certainly will recommend your services to anyone who needs them. Thanks again, Joel Blount 4/07 (Flint, MI)

Thank you for your great service. Everything happened in a timely manner and the casket looked great!!!!!!!! Thank you Sharon Gravenmier 4/07 (San Leandro, CA)

I was very satisfied with my father's casket. The funeral home told me I got a very good deal. It was a pretty oak and was not damaged in transport. I appreciate your service. Sincerely, Richard Hennig 4/07 (Garland,TX)

We were so satisfied with the services you provided. The casket was beautiful, delivery when you said, "ON TIME". We were so leery of ordering one on line but you restored our faith! Thank you Meg 3/07 (Atlanta, GA)

Your services was very timely, thank you for all the help, we were very satisfied. Thank you again, David Gillins 3/07 (Sumter, SC)

In response to your e-mail, let me assure you that the casket was delivered promptly to Dyer Funeral Home in Cookeville, TN. We thought it looked very nice, & appreciate your service. BTW the family loved our casket story! Let me tell it here: Last year my husband & I were serving a 12-month military-relations mission for our church in Sumter, SC (Shaw AFB). One day he called me into the room that housed our computer & said, "Do you know how much it costs to buy a casket from a funeral home?" I had no idea. "Look at that!" he declared, & proceeded to show me caskets priced at $4,000, $5,000, $6,000. Then he said, "Now look at this!" He clicked on another site that showed caskets for under $1,000. "Did you know you could order a casket online?" he asked. "And they guarantee delivery within 24 hours to any funeral home in the continental U.S." Again, I had no clue until that minute. Then he basically told me, "When I die, I forbid you to buy a casket from a funeral home. I want you to order it online." So when my husband died--and quite unexpectedly--on a Tuesday morning, my daughter & I were online ordering his casket that night. It was delivered in plenty of time for the viewing, funeral, & interment. Everybody in the family thought this was a great story--and quite typical of my frugal husband. This story was an eye-opener for lots of folks. Thank you for making a most difficult time a little less stressful & the funeral a lot more affordable. Sandy Naylor, 3/07 (Cookeville, TN)

I thought your service was excellent. I was amazed at how quickly you were able to deliver, and the casket was beautiful. Thank you very much for making it such a simple and easy task, during a very sad time for my family and I. Sincerely, Ron Allen 2/07 (Oakland, CA)

I was completely satisfied with the service and the quality of the casket. I would not hesitate to use your company again, and I would have no qualms about recommending your company. I and my wife, and my mother, were 100% satisfied with my fathers casket. Thank you Jeff Willets 2/07 (Toledo, OH)

Todd, Thank you for your follow up. I want you to know that your kindness, helpfulness, and succinct follow up were a true bright spot during this difficult time. The casket was beautiful, and it was the perfect means of transportation to send my mom from this world into her heavenly afterlife. Thank you for your help and kindness. With sincere gratitude, Brenda S. Benter 2/07 (Riverside, CA)

Thank you for all your help. I will be using your company again.. Not to soon I hope.........You did a great job ..... Rodney Betts 2/07 (Willits, CA)

Your service was PERFECT...something that is rare today! Everything you said, occurred exactly as promised it was a very difficult time for us, but your company was a beacon in a very gloomy night thanks you deserve it!! The Dukeman/Tuseo/Blanco Family 1/07 (New York, NY)

We sincerely appreciate all your help with our recent casket order. We couldn't have been happier with the service we received. You were extremely helpful during a very difficult time. We also appreciate you being able to ship it overnight for Saturday delivery. We were very happy with the casket, especially the decorative corners. We didn't really notice what was on the corners when we ordered the casket, but we were thrilled that they were the musical themed ones - very fitting for our family! We also appreciate you being able to order extra ones for us. We hope that we don't need your services often, but will definitely use your company in the future, and will recommend you highly! Thank you again for all your help! ~Jane & Chris Breier & family 1/07 (Chicago, IL)

Sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you. Yet I am sure you understand that it takes time for people to get back into the swing of things after a passing of a family member. After I found out that the Funeral Home's charge for the casket we picked out would be between 2400.00 & 2500.00 I decided to take my search to the internet. Narrowing it down to two different companies, I took my chance with yours. Two things made my decision easy, your availability to speak to me "right away and always" and cost factor. I ordered the casket at 6:30 a.m. and the casket was delivered to the funeral home the next day. At a savings of 1400.00 you can imagine the financial relief. I would recommend Funeral Counseling to anyone and everyone. You were wonderful. Sincerely, Edward and Alicia Bedard 1/07 (Oxford, MA)

Your services regarding the casket we recently purchased from you were excellent and very helpful. LaMar Adams 1/07 (Eugene, OR)

Todd, Your service was great. Casket arrived when you said it would. It was beautiful. We received comments from many people and I did not miss the opportunity to tell others how we acquired this through your web site. Thanks again for your help and the excellent follow-up you provided. I have bookmarked your site and will not hesitate to contact you if needed in the future. You saved me approximately $1200 over the cost had we purchased casket from the funeral home. Regards, ~Tom Dawson (Atlanta, GA)

Todd, I would like to take this time to thank you for your services in providing a beautiful casket for our family. The delivery was precisely as promised and the casket itself was even more beautiful than the picture could represent. I was a bit hesitant at first to order something so personal as a casket from the internet, but after receiving and seeing the casket we could not have been more pleased. But, the best part of your process for us was being able to look at the caskets in our own home and not trying to choose the casket for our mother at the funeral home in a room when we were so filled with sad emotions. I will always highly recommend your services to any other of our family members or any of my friends in their time of need. Thanks again!! ~Ray Harman

Dear Dave, The casket arrived at the funeral home at the exact time you had told us it would. Thanks for getting it to us. We compared it to the funeral homes price for the same casket and we figure that you saved us about $1200! ~John M.

Thank you. The experience was great. Casket was delivered as promised with no problem. ~Merilee Wong (Glendale, CA)

Thank you Todd and your company. We were very pleased with your service and how efficient you all are. We will share information about your company with others. ~Caroline Swanson (St. Petersburg, FL)

I was very satisfied with the service and the follow-up that I received when dealing with your company. I had contacted several funeral services via the internet and none of them were able to follow-up in a timely manner except you. It was truly a pleasure doing business with you under the circumstances. Thanks Again, Ron Oates (Brooklyn, NY)

Dear Todd, I am sorry that I forgot to send you a thank you for the casket. It was very nice I was very impressed and have saved your information so if and when I ever need your services again our family will definitely call you. Thank you very much especially for the personal service given I truly appreciate that, also the drivers called to let me know that they were on there way when they were delivering the casket to the funeral home. A++++++ Sincerely, Brenda Knight A Satified Customer 12/06 (Detroit, MI)

We were all impressed with the casket, Aurora, and its quality. We had my father-in-law buried in a VA cemetery and they too where impressed with it. They inquired where we had gotten it because it looked like a military issue casket. Thank you so much for your help even with all the miss understanding that went on with the funeral home. You helped make a stressful situation easier and where a great go between with the funeral home. I have already referred several people to your website. Thank you again for all your assistance and for having such excellent quality and priced caskets. ~The Thompson Family

I would like to thank you for the service you provided. We loved the way the casket looked. It was a beautiful shade of pink. I am sorry if I put you through any stress due to my stressing of the color. It was a hard time for me having to make such decisions. I am at that place again unfortunately. My uncle is now passing away. I would like to order a casket for him now... ~Patty Ivascanin (Hayward, CA)

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You. The service and product we received for my grandson were wonderful. I have no complaints. Thank You. ~Edward Camargo

Hi, Todd, Just want to say thank you for getting the casket to me. I really appreciate all of your help. ~Annie

We are completely satisfied with the service we received from Todd. ~Abdul Ghandi 9/06 (Brooklyn Center, MN)

Hello Todd - I want you to know that I am very pleased with the quality of the Respectful brand casket which you had shipped to the funeral home I chose. I selected the 18 Ga. Silver Rose model, and it was much lovelier than the picture on your website. I felt very satisfied that I gave my late wife such a beautiful high quality casket for her eternal rest. Even the funeral director admitted he was impressed when I told him what I paid. The quality compared with caskets he previously showed me, costing $2,500. or more. Thank you again for your personal service making sure that it was delivered on time, considering the extra work I requested the Respectful Casket people do for me. I will not hesitate to recommend your firm. Sincerely ~George Dorsett

Your services were very helpful when our family was under an enormous amount of stress. Thanks for being so helpful. ~Lara

Thanks Todd for all of your help. We found the service your organization provides to be professional, kind, considerate and calming. Your services made our family feel that we were not cheated or taken advantage off by the funeral home. It provided us with someone in our corner. ~Crystal B.

The entire process from order to delivery was handled with care and concern. I would recommend you and your company to any other family in the same need. My family thanks you for providing a needed service at an exceptional price. Thanks again, Lawrence Wagner

The casket arrived in perfect shape and was beautiful for the service. Thanks for all of your help with delivery and offering such a great service to the public. I will tell anyone who is going through this process about you service and the good job you did for me. Thanks, ~Johnny M.



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