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The casket arrived at the funeral home at the exact time you had told us it would. Thanks for getting it to us. We compared it to the funeral homes price for the same casket and we figure that you saved us about $1200! J.M.
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Wholesale Brand Name Caskets delivered next day in Atlanta. The Caskets available in Atlanta are from Name Brand Casket Companies recognized by funeral homes nationwide. We strive to be the lowest cost provider of such caskets in Atlanta offered direct to the public at Wholesale Prices and thereby provide a Lowest Price Guarantee.

The Federal Trade Commission passed a federal law called the "Funeral Rule" to protect consumers when needing to make plans for a loved one's funeral arrangements. The largest expense when making funeral plans is the cost of a casket. The Federal Trade Commission found that funeral homes had an excessive casket markup and overcharged consumers for this necessity item during their time of grief. At Casket Site we offer wholesale name brand caskets wholesale to the public so that you do not have to pay a funeral home for their markup on a casket. All of the caskets that we sell and deliver throughout Atlanta and Georgia are from name brand manufacturers that funeral homes sell throughout the US just at wholesale prices. In fact the casket industry only has a few name brand manufacturers such as Batesville, Aurora, and York that only sell to funeral homes so that markups can remain high. When you purchase from Casket Site we guarantee the quality of each casket and only supply name brand caskets direct to whichever funeral home you are using in Atlanta as well as nationwide. Other websites online including Walmart and Costco use off brand manufacturers that do not have the same quality appointments that the name brand models have. At Casket Site, we not only offer caskets on sale to the public but also provide wholesale name brand vaults. Vaults are needed at the cemetery to offer protection for a casket and to make sure that the ground stays level at a cemetery. Wholesale name brand vaults can be quite costly as well. At Casket Site we wholesale the name brand vaults such as and Doric direct to the public.

Also some good information when planning to purchase a casket or vault is that one of the main stipulations of the "Funeral Rule" was to require funeral homes to have an itemized Price List and to require a funeral home to not charge consumers a handling cost or any other fees for purchasing their casket or vault from another source then their funeral home. The federal trade commission has been quite strict with this law and enforces it regularly making funeral homes conform to receiving a casket or vault without there being any glitches in service.

When buying a casket in the Atlanta area always remember that casket stores sell off brand models allowing for a non-apples to apples comparison with your local funeral home models. At Casket Site we deliver next day caskets direct to your funeral home in Atlanta and offer wholesale prices and over a decade of online delivery experience. Please peruse our variety of models via price, brand, or type and feel free to call us 24hrs a day with questions or to place an order at 1-888-222-5955.

Our online gallery allows you to browse and make your selection from a large variety of Atlanta caskets within the privacy of your home. We offer a variety of Funeral Caskets; Cremation Caskets, 20 Gauge Caskets, 18 Gauge Caskets, 16 Gauge Caskets, Solid Bronze Caskets, Solid Copper Caskets, Stainless Steel Caskets, Solid Cherry Caskets, Solid Hardwood Caskets, Solid Mahogany Caskets, Solid Maple Caskets, Oversize Caskets, Solid Oak Caskets, Solid Pecan Caskets, Solid Pine Caskets, Solid Walnut Caskets, and Vaults.

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